Absolute Threshold

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Длительность 5:35
Добавлена 1 сентября 2011 пользователем Iron Man

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Текст песни Absolute Threshold

It burns my consciousness and I
This consumption
My thoughts scrambled into flashes
Those images of power
Of life, of death
Overloaded, shutdown
The absolute never
The absolute never
Security is opaque
I'll never grasp safety
When will I finally learn?
Exposed I am weak, I am vulnerable
I crave this addiction
I crave the taste
I crave the taste
You were everything to me
But still, I question your existence in my life
Nothing holds true to me
Nothing is my world
I've cried, I've screamed as you killed me
I am the undead, the meaningless
Forced to compromise all of my values
A mannequin plastic and lifeless
Illusions cast into my pitted world
Was my life ever really mine to decide?
Or must I crawl in this searing heat
in this asylum you've always relied on?
I devour souls
Stay divine forget me existence
As for me I remain in solitude til judgement day
Fear me forever
Love is a tool to excavate the innocent
Leave and never look back
I'll be waiting foot steps away

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