Dousing This Flame

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Длительность 4:21
Добавлена 1 сентября 2011 пользователем Iron Man

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Текст песни Dousing This Flame

Handing the invitation over
To the dark figure in the corner
I stare at the glaze that forms over your eyes
As the pain leaps from these lips
It's all coming back to me now
With everything I've become it's a wonder I'm still me
My breath refuses to be caught
Although I've tried to force this back
I let the numbness win
I return with a sieging vengeance
Back in pour my starving habits
Dousing this flame with anger as my eyse dig deep into your face
Forget this time like your smile
Lays broken at my feet
Can't you see you never had a chance
You never had a chance
I don't stop
I don't stop, I won't stop
Hold still while all this passes
I won't stop, I don't stop
Be still my will is not my own
Why can't I out run what I've been known to lose?
Sticky sweet with sarcasm
My mouth is sealed shut
Yeah, don't you wish you could forget me now?
You will never forget me now

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